Automated Video Q&A

with every candidate for better voter engagement

Tailored for every device and every layout

An undebate can be embedded in a web page, or sent as a link. No matter what dimensions or resolution it is given, it will resize to fit. It works on desktops and smartphones.

What are Undebates

Reading candidate statements can be boring, uninspiring, and easily procrastinated. Undebates are automated online video Q&A with candidates so that they can be heard, and for voters so they can quickly make a more meaningful decision.

Fits inside any layout, Embed anywhere!

Embeds available for multiple layouts. Delightful experience across a variety of devices.

Automated and structured process.

Invites, reminders and scripts automated to ease the participation of all entities involved.

Short formats to decide quickly.

Time consciousness at every step that caters more towards the modern attention span.

How It Works

The election administrator will setup the election, enter the questions, invite a moderator, enter or import the candidate info, and invite the candidates to record. An interactive debate viewer will be generated, which can be embedded on a website as well as shared or emailed as a link

Election Created

Moderator Records and Submits Video

Link is provided in the invite email

Moderator Submission Deadline

Last date for the moderator to make

Candidate Answer the Questions

Candidates get a link to a recorder page so they can answer the moderators questions.

Candidate Submission Deadline

Last date for candidates to submit their video answers

Undebate Goes Live

The undebate is ready for voters to watch

Election End Date

The election is over - but the undebate live on

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this help?


Hearing and seeing the candidates, makes it easier for members to decide who to vote for - leading to more member participation. And it's quick.

How long will it take?


It usually takes less than 15 minutes to get started. After that it's a matter of getting your moderator and candidates to do their recordings - which will take them about 15 minutes.

Who is this for?


This is for organizations that have elections. Undebates makes it easier for those voting to get to know the candidates and easily decide. A few short videos from candidates can communicate a lot more to voters than written (often boring) position papers or bios. We are also open to other creative applications, perhaps 2 or more representative debating an issue or ballot measure.

How does the video recording work?


Candidates will receive an email with a customized link. They open it with their browser and it will use video to ask the questions and records the answers using the webcam. It might feel like a live interview, but there's a redo button!. And again at the end you can review the whole thing and make changes before posting.

Can people upload their own videos?


No, the video interview had to be done through the link. This is different. Each answer is recorded separately, and each answer has a time limit. Plus the redo button makes it a lot easier than most other recording apps.

How is this better than a debate?


Candidates don't get to hear what the other candidates say before answering - so there is no advantage or disadvantage to going first or last. Answer times are strictly limited - when the time is up - the recording stops. The redo button allows candidates to make sure they are saying what they mean to say. And because recording is not live in front of an audience they can be more thoughtful about their answers. For people viewing the undebate it's short and answers are too the point, and they can easily skip candidates or questions they are not interested in.